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Under the name of conelrad I've been producing electronic music since around 2000. I make downtempo, atmospheric, ambient music, sometimes with vocals, sometimes not. I'm informed by all kinds of music, electronic and otherwise, but most of my influences have in common an experimental interest in sound(s), aural space, memory, etc. Thematically I find that I'm constantly inspired by the combined fascination/dread of the late Cold War, nuclear weapons/nuclear power, the dismal atmosphere of Britain in the 1980s, and so on. I'm not a huge believer in buying loads of gear, and I make all my music with free software called Jeskola Buzz, one clapped out Mexican Telecaster, and one generic condenser mic. But it sounds pretty good despite that.

I started out just making music to listen to on the bus or when walking to get my shopping, but things have grown quite a bit since then. After releasing my first full-length album in 2007, entitled Function Creep, I've released another album (there's another on the way) and two EPs. Each of these has been downloaded thousands and thousands of times, and shared countless more. I've had repeated national radio airplay on the BBC, written and produced a 'score' for a novel (and a short promotional film), and soundtracked a video game.

The thing that has stayed the same, though, so far, is that I've released all my own albums for free. I prefer it that way, because it means it's easier to get people to listen to it, and I don't feel under pressure to produce music when I don't want to. Besides, I'm of the opinion that the way things are going in the industry, selling music itself is not particularly profitable anyway. To date I've kept other income to live on, and just made music for my own enjoyment, which I think is more sustainable and less frustrating than constantly trying to promote my music / signing to a major label (I have had offers). So I just give it away. Do stick it on CDs, flash drives, file sharing services, whatever -- share it as much as you like.

My music does appear on things like iTunes and Spotify with a price attached to it, but that's because I don't set those prices, the services set them. I decided it's better to get my music into all the places people look first for music these days -- and the same music is still available for free from my web site.

Outside of music I'm a freelance design/copywriting guy and an academic, with a Ph.D. in English Literature and a bunch of publications which I'm currently trying to convert into a more permanent lectureship than the (nevertheless rewarding) temporary posts I've held so far (tough market right now).

Anyway that's a few facts about me. If you have any questions or remarks, you want to talk about using my music in your project, or even about commissioning me to compose an original piece for you, then just get in touch: I reply to all my emails.

Oh yeah -- and the cover artwork for some of the albums is by me, while some comprises some beautiful Finnish landscape photos from a friend of mine called Jani Saarijärvi. You can check out his photo gallery here.