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: Running time: 1:04:00

:: [01] Lead Lined
:: [02] Sklodowska
:: [03] Faded Giant
:: [04] Pinnacle
:: [05] RBMK-1000
:: [06] Prypiat
:: [07] Able Archer '83

:: Songs in VBR MP3 format // Playlist

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While making Function Creep (2007), I also experimented with longer, sparser, more minimal tracks. These tracks fit more into the schema of electronic 'drone' music, with their focus upon atmosphere and background melody rather than beats and hooks (though the songs do have these things in most cases). The result was this collection of songs, which I called Community Shelter Planning (2007) and released shortly after Function Creep.

This album was also heavily inspired by nuclear paranoia, the cold war, and so on. As with most conelrad albums, if you google some of the song titles, you'll find out more about the ideas that simultaneously chilled and enticed me when making this album.

I call the album an "EP" mainly to distinguish it from the more accessible, beat-driven albums of (mostly) shorter songs, but it is actually as long as (if not longer than) my "main" albums.

The beautiful cover photo is by Jani Saarijärvi; design is by conelrad.


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