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This release is a collection of short commissioned tracks for a game. If you're looking for more of a standalone musical experience, try one of my full-length albums here or here.

Music for Cruel Jewels (2012)

01 - cruel jewels

02 - cool jewels

03 - jewel school

04 - jewel duel

zip file | artwork


Use the links above to download and keep the songs.


I composed these tracks after a friend who works for the game developers TicBits asked if I'd be interested in doing some music for a casual iPhone/iPad game he was creating, called Cruel Jewels. If you check this stuff out, you'll notice that it's not the kind of music I normally produce. But I was excited by the challenge of doing something different, and I really enjoyed the process. So much so that I also ended up doing all the sound effects and voice acting as well. The game is beautiful to look at and tons of fun, so go download it; it's free. Just search for Cruel Jewels in the iTunes store.

Said friend, Alun Bestor, a multitalented guy who also develops Boxer in his spare time, also did the artwork for this release.

Incidentally, anyone who is interested in hiring me for this kind of thing, check out the commissions page.


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