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: Running time: 52:57

:: [01] Six Days Till Bellus

:: [02] Horizontal Situation

:: [03] Approach

:: [04] Inner Refuge

:: [05] Bikelock Trident

:: Cover photography by Jani.

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Five Automatic Landings (2011) is my second EP of atmospheric ambient/drone music, with the beats more minimal and the synths/melodic content foregrounded in a spirit similar to Community Shelter Planning EP. I call it an EP mainly to distinguish it from my "main" albums, even though it is as long as (or longer even than) Function Creep or Sure is the Risk Made.

As with CSP, this is an album of fewer, longer songs, which are allowed to develop slowly and to build in layers, though they are not as linear as that implies. Good for studying, drawing, writing, or just to wallow in and enjoy in whatever state you prefer to be.

The beautiful cover photo is by Jani Saarijärvi; design is by conelrad.


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