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::: [01] Greetings, Professor Falken
::: [02] French Eyes Franchise
::: [03] Function Creep
::: [04] Souls of Cars
::: [05] Tsar Bomba
::: [06] DMB
::: [07] Circle of Signifiers
::: [08] Milkshake
::: [09] Target City
::: [10] Sarcophagus
::: [11] Mancuso Dallas

:: Songs in VBR MP3 format. Here is a Winamp playlist.. Would you like some lovely pictures to go with that? And here is a zip file! Please copy this music and give it to your friends. MP3s are not illegal. Thanks to Jani for the zip file hosting, whew!


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After a lot of tweaking and a lot of anxiety, I finally released my first full-length album, Function Creep, in 2007. There are moments of patchy production but I'm still overall very pleased with it. It cemented my interest in finding interesting ways to deal with downtempo beats, constructing songs with electronic sounds that nevertheless sound warm and inviting rather than harsh, and getting around the technical problems of having very little equipment (virtually none, in fact, beyond my guitar and my computer).

While Function Creep is the title track, Target City is really the centrepiece of the album; it's a shoegaze-inspired song with a vast-but-distant wall of crumbling guitars and vocoded vocals, the latter of which I went on to use quite a bit more, as I think they sound great. Other tracks on the album stand alone well, but it really works best, like most of my stuff, listened to from beginning to end.

The beautiful cover photo is by Jani Saarijärvi; design is by conelrad.


Please copy this music and give it to your friends. It's free for everyone and there are no catches.

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