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This release is a collection of rough tracks to accompany a novel and its surrounding publicity. If you're looking for more of a standalone musical experience, try one of my full-length albums here or here.

Liminal States (2012)

01 - first transit
02 - briars and brambles
03 - the stag
04 - the oscuras
05 - growth tangent
06 - return string determination
07 - white trees [trailer edit]

[zip file]


Use the links above to download and keep the songs.


Author Zack Parsons first approached me a couple years back, asking for permission to use one of my tracks ("Faded Giant", from Community Shelter Planning) in a video that a talented digital effects artist, Dan Sollis, was putting together as the culmination of a serialised science fiction story. After reading and enjoying the story, I agreed.

A little while after, Zack asked if I'd be interested in composing some original tracks to accompany a full-length science fiction novel that he was writing, developed from elements of that earlier story. These tracks would form a kind of "score" to the novel, to be read alongside it, and also would be used for publicity (videos, etc). I composed a number of tracks, the best of which can be found on this collection of songs.

The reason this is considered "rough" is that my Ph.D. study started to get seriously in the way of my ability to commit to a voluntary collaborative project, and so my contribution was, regrettably, not as full as it perhaps could have been. However, I'm very pleased with everything that's made it onto this album, and it's definitely worth checking out. Apart from anything else, it's the most 'cinematic' thing that I've done (and speaking of which Dan Sollis put together a short film to accompany the novel which uses a lot of the music here, as well as a launch trailer), with a diverse collection of sounds from sparse, western guitars to dark, intimidating electronica.

Track titles here are by Zack Parsons, and the artwork is by Dan Sollis.

Incidentally, anyone who is interested in hiring me for this kind of thing, check out the commissions page.


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